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Security is our priority.

Yieldly utilises market-leading practices for ensuring the security of its smart contracts. Yieldly is anchored in the high-security blockchain, Algorand, the world’s first pure proof-of-stake protocol. Yieldly’s native smart contracts are one of the key objects of security, written in TEAL (Transaction Execution Approval Language) and audited by award-winning cybersecurity firm, Halborn (SushiSwap, Polygon, Bancor, Avalanche). Yieldly was also peer reviewed by luminaries of the Algorand Foundation. Yieldly also utilises CloudFlare to help protect its applications and public APIs from bad behaving actors. Yieldly is constantly testing and bolstering its DeFi suite, to achieve the highest security standards.

Security Audits

Yieldly has been audited and penetration tested by Tier 1 cybersecurity firm, Halborn. All audits are publicly available, and you can find them below.

DescriptionAuditor Audit TypeDate
v.1.1 Yieldly’s Staking and No-Loss Lottery HalbornSmart ContractMay 2021
v.1.1 Yieldly BridgesHalbornSmart ContractMay 2021
v.1.1 ASA – ERC Bridge (bi-directional and first version of Yieldly Bridges to be deployed)HalbornSmart ContractMay 2021

Smart Contracts

You can view Yieldly’s smart contracts below. Do not send funds to any other contracts.

ContractContract Address 
YLDY ERC20 token0x88c…69e23
YLDY ASA token226701642
No-Loss Lottery233725844
Bridge Opting244391497
Bridge Proxy244391489