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Opt-in to YLDY

This guide assumes that you have already created your My Algo Wallet.

Step 1

Log in your My Algo Wallet and make sure that you have over 0.201 ALGO in it.

Step 2

Visit our website at yieldly.finance and click “YLDY token” at the top right, or go to optin.yieldly.finance directly.

Step 3

Once you have read the steps, click on “Connect Wallet”.  

Step 4

Enter your My Algo Wallet password and click “Continue”.

Step 5

Select the account(s) you would like to opt-in to YLDY and click “Continue”.

Step 6

Click “Opt-in”.

Step 7

Make sure the details are correct and, once done, enter your password and click “Continue”.

Step 8


Step 9

If you check My Algo Wallet now and click the ALGO asset icon, you will be able to see YLDY added as an asset.
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