The First No-Loss Prize Games on Algorand

Deposit ALGO. Get tickets & YLDY rewards. Everyone’s a winner. 
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Meet our ALGO Prize Games

Deposit ALGO

Deposit ALGO into the rewards-generating No-Loss Prize Games. It’s a win-win because while your ALGO is staked, you receive YLDY and have a chance to win the weekly prize each week. You don’t have to pay to play, you just need to deposit ALGO. Withdraw your ALGO, rewards and prizes whenever you want – no strings attached. 

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Get Tickets & YLDY Rewards

After depositing ALGO, you automatically receive a free prize game ticket. Not only that, but your deposit grows with YLDY. So, everyone who has deposited in the prize game receives returns in the form of YLDY, and a free ticket for the weekly draw. The weekly prize draw is overseen by Chainlink’s VRF (Verifiable Random Function).

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Everyone's a Winner

Each week you automatically receive YLDY from your stake, as well as have the chance to win a big ALGO prize. The prize source is the pool’s accrued staking rewards. The downside? There is no downside, everyone’s a winner! Keep your stake and rewards, irrespective of the weekly prize draw outcome.

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About Yieldly


First staking assets native to Algorand. Including DeFi Savings Bonds that allows stakers to earn a disproportionate return.


Empowering liquidity providers and traders to engage in an open and accessible financial marketplace around the burgeoning Algorand DeFi ecosystem.


Enabling cross-chain staking for ASA, ERC, BEP2 and other emerging protocols.

Awesome Results

We have seen great successes with everyone companies.

DeFi Powered by Algorand

Yieldly is the world’s first DeFi staking protocol built for Algorand, that allows holders of Algo to stake their assets and have the chance to earn a disproportionate reward.

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