Seb Quinn, CEO @ Yieldly
Sebastian Quinn
Co-Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur with a history of building and supporting the growth of some of the largest distributed ledger and DeFi companies, including Bluezelle and Power Ledger.
Simon Giles, COO @ Yieldly
Simon Giles
Co-Founder & COO
Founder of multiple technology companies who has held lead positions in teams at listed companies around Australia, including Qantas, Optus and Telstra.
Aron Turner, CTO @ Yieldly
Aron Turner
Technical Co-Founder & CTO
Lead smart contract engineer and prominent fullstack developer in Algorand community. PhD candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney. Co-founder of tech company, TrueOrigin.
Oleksandr Rybalko, Lead Solutions Architect @ Yieldly
Oleksandr Rybalko
Technical Co-Founder & Lead Solutions Architect
Mechatronics Engineering graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney. Co-founder and Technical Director of tech company, TrueOrigin. Building blockchain systems since 2018 specialising in cloud computing.
Nina Stammbach, Operations Manager @ Yieldly
Nina Stammbach
Operations Manager
Background in legal and NFP sectors.
Dmitry Serdyuk, Lead Frontend Engineer @ Yieldly
Dmitry Serdyuk
Technical Co-Founder & Lead Frontend Engineer
Passionate about delivering solutions that are innovative and impactful.
Jackson Delahunt, Software Engineer @ Yieldly
Jackson Delahunt
Software Engineer
Technology builder and creative artist, specialising in software innovation and web technologies, in particular NFTs.
Kristopher Perry, Web Developer @ Yieldly
Kristopher Perry
Frontend Developer
Web developer / horse whisperer specialising in LAMP stack and UX design. 
Oscar Perez, Smart Contract Engineer @ Yieldly
Oscar Perez
Smart Contract Engineer
Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney. Background in smart contract and electronics design.
Phuong Nguyen, QA Engineer @ Yieldly
Phuong Nguyen
QA Engineer
Professional QA who loves to face challenges and work smartly to find critical issues in mobile and software applications.
Jeremiah Barro, Frontend Developer @ Yieldly
Jeremiah Barro
Frontend Developer
Experienced in the complete software development life cycle including planning, design, documentation, development and testing of applications.
Gian Lacanilao, Creative Lead & Art Director @ Yieldly
Gian Lacanilao
Creative Lead & Art Director
Award winning Creative Lead and Art Director who has led multiple global design agencies. Based in London, Gian has worked across the arts, tech, and commercial industries.
Václav Bicha, Designer @ Yieldly
Václav Bicha
Illustrator and animator based in Portugal.
Jordan Robinson, Strategic Advisor @ Yieldly
Jordan Robinson
Chief Partnerships Officer
Expert in growth strategy, partnerships and people. Former VP of Global Partnerships at HR tech company, Director of Partnerships at AI SaaS platform, and Management Consultant at KPMG and Deloitte.
Dimitris Farmakis, Head of E-Sports @ Yieldly
Dimitris Farmakis
Head of Esports
Esports professional who has worked in a number of national and international level gaming and esports companies, with appearances on national premium TV.
Nina Prica, Junior Operations @ Yieldly
Nina Prica
Junior Operations
Bachelors' degrees in Law and Commerce, with extensive experience in commercial law for a global non-bank financier.
Gavin Lacanilao, Designer @ Yieldly
Gavin Lacanilao
Multidisciplinary designer who has worked in a number of leading national design studios. Specialising in branding, graphic design and art direction.
Majella Mensah, Office Manager @ Yieldly
Majella Mensah
Office Manager
Strong background in banking and finance, and brings a system and goal oriented mind to the team. 
Samuel Hishon, Business Development / Analyst @ Yieldly
Samuel Hishon
BD Analyst
Bachelor degree in Finance and Economics, with a strong focus on fund management. Previous experience working at a HK VC firm.
Emily Conway, Flamingo Squad @ Yieldly
Emily Conway
Yieldly Ambassador
DeFi enthusiast. Focused on free flow of information and community support/growth on social media. Previous experience in the gaming industry and B2B marketing.
Paradox, Flamingo Squad @ Yieldly
Yieldly Ambassador
Not actually Denzel. Affinity for all things Algorand. Yieldly OG.
Daisy if you do, Flamingo Squad @ Yieldly
Daisy if you do
Yieldly Ambassador
Submarine veteran. MPA with a focus on sustainability and further graduate studies in biomimicry. Obsessed with Ostrom's Theory of Governing the Commons and its application within the DAO framework. Yieldly gang since day 1.
Yieldly Ambassador
Previously worked in Financial Services sector specialising in fraud analysis. Passion for DeFi and community building. Origin of YBG.


Jonathan Padilla, Strategic Advisor @ Yieldly
Jonathan Padilla
Strategic Advisor
Former Head of Blockchain Strategy at PayPal. Founder of Snickerdoodle Labs, which uses blockchain technology to build a secure data economy for Web 3.0. Founded Stanford’s Future of Digital Currency Initiative. Schwarzman Scholar.
Benjamin Le Roux, Strategic Advisor @ Yieldly
Benjamin Le Roux
Strategic Advisor
Senior Product Marketing Manager at fintech company, Level. Held senior marketing and product management roles at Butterfly Network Inc, Status.im. and Google.
Katie Olver, PR Advisor @ Yieldly
Katie Olver
PR Advisor
Multi-award-winning entrepreneur, B2B tech PR specialist, founder of U Star Novels, and more recently founder of Cryptoland PR a new breed of fintech, payments and blockchain comms agency.
Uri Ferruccio, Strategic Advisor @ Yieldly
Uri Ferruccio
Strategic Advisor
Entrepreneur with history of leading top fintech companies and supporting AI strategy for a NASDAQ 100 company.