Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list to help you

How can I get involved early?
For early access information, stay updated with our social media channels. In terms of early access to our product, you will get to test drive our v1 soon, once it’s audited and user tested.
Will there be any early access?

For early access information, follow our announcement channel at https://t.me/yieldlyannouncements

I would like more information about the project.

Join us on Telegram at t.me/yieldlyannouncements

Do you plan to do heavy marketing?

We plan to let the product and our partners speak for us. Our partners will use their marketing channels, ambassadors, and communities to amplify our product. Our plan is to reach millions of users.

Is there an announcement channel?
Our announcement channel is https://t.me/yieldlyannouncements
Marketing, governance, proposals?

Join our telegram: https://t.me/yieldly for forthcoming Yieldly information. Namely, partnership announcements, launchpad hints, tokenomics, blog posts, product demo clips, KOLs using our product, etcetera etcetera.

What’s on your roadmap?
Stay updated on Yieldly’s movements/progress via our socials:
What will the token be?

Our goal is to create a cross-chain asset and be part of the multi-currency future. We are launching YLDY as an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) token. We have have built a ERC-20 bridge to allow for a wrapped ERC-20 compatible YLDY token. This product will go live once we have completed significant penetration testing.

Is YLDY going to be built on Algorand?

Yieldly is a native Algorand DeFi project. Our token, YLDY will be built as Algorand Standard Asset (ASA).

Why is there no Yieldly token on Algoexplorer?

The YDLY token will be released early June, 2021. Only then will you see it on Algoexplorer.

Any preview to what the expected rates are for participating in the pools vs. current ALGO staking?

No preview yet, but head to our Telegram chat for any and all relevant updates. Plenty of press will be released with respect to our launchpad, partnerships, and tokenomics.

When is the project is going to be live?

We are currently having it audited and penetration tested by Tier 1 Auditors. We are also having it peer reviewed by luminaries in the Algorand ecosystem. Once this as been done we will launch. Our estimation is early to mid June, 2021.

Is Yieldy's contract coded using TEAL or reach?

TEAL! We are proud to be the first smart contracts for DeFi on TEAL.

Are there any plans on cross-chain compatibility?

Yes, Yieldly is building key components of DeFi on Algorand. We are building with a borderless cross-chain worldview.

Will YLDY be on Algorand blockchain as an ASA, or will it utilize ERC20?

YLDY is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA). We have plans in motion to create a wrapped ERC20. Our goal is to create a cross-chain asset and be part of the multi-currency future.

Is there a chance for this project to be connected to [other project]?

Yes, Yieldly is expanding its reach via existing strategic partnerships and its bespoke cross-chain functionality. We are working with numerous existing partners to reach our first major milestone of $100M in total value locked on the platform. With aggressive growth anticipated to follow thereafter as more capital flows to Algorand and the wider DeFi space. Our second DeFi product, Yieldly Bridges, will interconnect different blockchains to achieve full interoperability. This will enable cross-chain staking for ASA, ERC- 20, and other emerging cryptocurrency protocols such as BEP as well as fiat exchange.

Which wallets will Yieldly support at launch?

We aim to connected to every crypto wallet everywhere, irrespective of protocol. Whilst we build to that, we will be supporting MyAlgoWallet at launch. 

Who do I contact for an AMA invitation?
For partnerships or proposals, please email [email protected]
Can I work for/with you guys?
At the moment, we are not actively recruiting, but we always welcome your support. Head to our Telegram chat for any and all relevant updates.
Who can I approach for a strategic partnership proposal?
For partnerships or proposals, please email [email protected]