The highest DeFi rewards on Algorand

Liquidity mining. No-loss prize games. Multi-asset staking. Cross-chain swapping.

Frictionless Cross-Chain Liquidity

Yieldly is reimagining how value is exchanged on all chains — in our vision, barriers will not exist. 

Yieldly started by connecting the blockchain universe seamlessly using DeFi built on Algorand. Why? Because Algorand allows users to trade value faster, with lower fees and more security than any other protocol.

Users can now use Yieldly’s cross-chain technology – a world-first – to exchange value between Algorand and Ethereum, and this is just the beginning. 


No-Loss Prize Games

Join the world’s only No-Loss Prize Games on Algorand. Stake to accrue additional tokens, as well as free prize draw tickets for the weekly ALGO and NFT jackpots. Chainlink’s VRF randomly selects the weekly prize draw winners. Stake, claim and withdraw your rewards any time. 

Yieldly Pools

Get big rewards with Yieldly’s multi-audited liquidity mining and staking pools (TEAL 5). Stake and accrue rewards on Algorand like never before. Enjoy a secure dual pool system with top-notch precision and real-time second by second claimable rewards.

Cross-Chain Bridges

Swap ASA tokens seamlessly via the world’s first audited cross-chain bridge connecting Algorand and broader DeFi networks. Yieldly’s ASA-ERC20 bridge is live, with partnership onboarding and new blockchain extensions (BSC, POLY, and more) coming soon.

Product Roadmap


First staking assets native to Algorand. Including DeFi Savings Bonds that allows stakers to earn a disproportionate return.


Empowering liquidity providers and traders to engage in an open and accessible financial marketplace around the burgeoning Algorand DeFi ecosystem.


Enabling cross-chain staking for ASA, ERC, BEP2 and other emerging protocols.

Awesome Results

We have seen great successes with everyone companies.

DeFi Powered by Algorand

Yieldly is the world’s first DeFi staking protocol built for Algorand, that allows holders of Algo to stake their assets and have the chance to earn a disproportionate reward.

Million YLDY Staked
Million ALGO Staked
Winners per Week